Evaluation of us

It's a wonderful Christmas present.
For a while, I couldn't even make a sound when I admired it. Its beauty takes my breath away. 
I immediately listened to the reversing sound, and it was a truly wonderful sound、a same sound as the S.E. Bogdan reel.
I am really impress.
The completeness of the work, the attention to detail, everything made it my best Christmas present.”
                                   ——A "Bogdan" reel owner (Japan)
The most beautiful tone I have ever heard.This is not a reel but a musical instrument. And the sturdy case and light weight.This is awesome.Finely crafted handmade reel of the highest quality.
——佐々木 様 (Japan)

(The craftsmanship is amazing! I want to keep it as a collectible at home.)

——石川 様 (Japan) 


I really believe your reels will be collectors items in the future.
——Nathan Bootsma (Canada)
(I am so satisfied with the tactile sensation that has a strong presence. The sound and resistance of the click also feel great. The shine is wonderful. I look forward to a more fulfilling fishing time in the future.)
——大高 様 (Japan)


Looks and texture are both top-notch, it's cool from every angle! The sound of the drag is also cool. Someday  I'll go fishing dreaming that a big Yamame will make this drag sing.)

——竹山 様 (Japan) 


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