Feel Our Click & Pawl

Feel Our Click & Pawl

We use the classic click and pawl with our own unique features.

A. We have two different sizes of drag systems use for 2 3/4" and 3 1/4" reels.


B. No plastic. Our pawl is made of stainless steel, the gear is brass.Their precise engagement ensures durability and a pleasing sound.This is based on our extensive testing.

C. We have found the optimal position for the spring, ensuring it maintains the best elasticity.

D. The aluminum alloy piece controlling the pawl is the core of the entire system. Each one is meticulously hand polished to ensure the perfect fit with the spring, resulting in smooth operation and excellent elasticity. It ensures the best rebound strength of the pawl, making the sound when the line in is clear and elegant, and the line out is firm and powerful, and the intensity of resistance can be customized.

E. The whole system will be strictly checked before delivery.These tests include manual calibration and actual fishing, and will last for several days to ensure proper operation.

All these efforts are made to create the most melodious sound and the perfect resistance. 

Please feel it.


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