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Our partners


Fish On! Custom rods


In Little Rock, Arkansas, Mr. Joey Moll and his family run the fly fishing shop "Fish  On! Custom Rods.

Fly fishing is a passion that has been passed down through three generations of this warm family, and Mr. Moll is also one of the active promoters of fly fishing in Arkansas.


I am honored to be involved in their venture as a collaborator: From now on, Fish On! Custom Rods will act as our agent to provide reels for American customers.

I would like to extend special thanks to Mr.Moll for his enthusiasm and patience; it's an great honor for Minamoto reels to stand alongside the other products he possesses.




Campanella fly rods


In the beautiful valley of Iwate Japan, Mr. Ishikawa Hiroki has been running his fly fishing brand“Campanella” since 1999. Together with his assistant Mr. Ken Blaxley from Canada, they craft the finest fiberglass fishing rods and operate their fly fishing shop“Little Bell Fishing”.

Our products are showcased here alongside those outstanding fly fishing rods, welcoming every angler.

Campanella fly rods & Little Bell Fishing

Address: 〒028-3441岩手県紫波郡紫波町上平沢字川原田23番地36




James outdoor life


In China——A country with one hundred million anglers, fly fishing is just beginning to take off, and we are delighted to see the best operators entering this field. 

As a world-traveling outdoor expert,Mr. James Lee is operating his outdoor equipment store “James outdoorlife” in Beijing. You can find a lot of interesting fishing gear here.

Our products are always prominently displayed in this amazing shop, and bearing witness to the growth of the fly fishing in this nation.


James Lee & James outdoorlife 

Address:  Room 108, 1 floor, No.1 building, No.4 Yard, Jinhuangxi Road, Shunyi District, Beijing, China.




Le Moulin de Gémages


In the beautiful countryside of Normandy, France, Mr. Ivan Iannaccone and Ms. Sophie Iannaccone run the charming fishing hotel and fly fishing shop "Le Moulin de Gémages", and also provide fishing guidance and fishing guide services to many European fly fishermen. Minamoto reels are proud to be displayed here, alongside those world renowned masterpieces. As Minamoto's only partner in Europe, Le Moulin de Gémages will assist all European customers with purchasing and after-sales service, where you can feel Minamoto reels and buy them.

Le Moulin de Gémages
61130 GEMAGES France
Tel : 0033 (0)

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